How Can I Upgrade My Computer So It Becomes More Efficient?

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Over months, my new dell laptop has become very very slow. I want to know how can i upgrade my computer so it becomes more efficient?

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How Can I Upgrade My Computer So It Becomes More Efficient?


It is a good idea to upgrade computers regularly, even if they have not become slow. The primary way to upgrade computers is the normal updates your computer offers from time to time. Other than that, there are three basic ways to upgrade the computer:

1. Storage- This is a free solution. You can reduce the storage space your stuff uses, by cleaning up things you do not need. For uninstalling useless programs, go to control panel and then click on programs and features. Click on any program you do not need and uninstall. Also, right click on each disk drive and click on cleanup. This will clean temporary files. If you have a lot of data on your computer, you can use a hard disk to take a back up and remove from the computer

2. Memory- This refers to the RAM of your computer. It has a great effect on the speed. You can increase the RAM by going to a computer service person, although this will be expensive.

Malware- Get a good anti virus program and run a check. Viruses and other malware are more often than not the reason behind an inefficient system.

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How Can I Upgrade My Computer So It Becomes More Efficient?


If your computer is running slowly these days, before you think of upgrading it try improving its performance first by doing system maintenance. Even if you have a fast computer but you don’t do system maintenance, it will still become slow overtime as you use it. You should only do an upgrade if you’ve already exhausted all options but you’re still not satisfied with its performance.

If your computer is becoming slow, the very first thing you should do is to clean your system. Temporary files and other unwanted files are being generated each time you use your computer and it adds drag to the machine. Download PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Use the supplied password to unpack then run the installer to install PC Tools.

After that, download and install CCleaner Free from CCleaner Free Download. Once installed, run it then clean your system. Next, start PC Tools then select “Performance” tab and then click “Clean Your Registry”.

On the next screen, make sure “Complete Registry Scan” is selected then click “Start Scan”.

When the scan is complete, click “Repair” to fix registry entries that are no longer valid.

After that, go to the “Privacy” tab then run the following tools:

  • Clear Your Windows History
  • Clear Your Browsing History
  • Clear Your Third-Party Software Traces

Next, go back to the “Performance” tab and click “Compact Your Registry”. On the next screen, click “Start” to begin the scanning. Restart your computer when you are prompted.

After booting, start PC Tools again then go to “Performance” tab and click “Defragment Disks”. Select “Deep Defragmentation” then select drive C from the available drives and then click “Start”.

Wait until it is complete. The length of the process depends on the size of the drive or partition and the amount of data it contains. The more fragmented your drive is, the longer it takes to complete. After this, your computer will have an improved performance.

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