How To Build A Gaming PC From Scratch

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Hi. I am a gamer and I want to build a PC for the sole purpose of gaming which is why I would like to learn how to build a gaming PC from scratch. Please reply ASAP. I will be waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

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How To Build A Gaming PC From Scratch


Hi. The steps which need to be followed to learn how to build a gaming PC from scratch is as follows-

1) Collect all the tools required which includes a Phillips head screwdriver

2) Open the case by unscrewing the thumbscrews on either side of the case

3) Place the CPU in place on the motherboard without touching the pins of gold on the bottom

4) Then, add the Heatsink over the processor

5) Then, add the RAM modules in the slots appropriately

6) Place the input-output shield in place

7) Install the motherboard and make sure that it fits into the input-output shield

8) Using screws, attach the motherboard to the case to make it secure

9) After that, install the graphics card on the machine

10) Then, install the hard drive into the computer

11) Install the power supply

12) In the spot indicated, attach the USB cable 3.0

13) Beside the RAM and graphics card, add the HD audio cable

14) To power the graphics card, connect it to the power pins

15) Connect the 24-pin connector to the motherboard to power it

16) Then connect the power to the hard drive

17) Plug the CPU power pins and Heatsink the power cord

18) Then, after you attach the hard drive to the motherboard, switch on the PSU and turn the power on

Hope we helped.

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