High memmory assocaiated with a windows service svchost

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I have a windows system that has a 4GB Ram and was quite fast, recently I noticed that the speed had reduced, upon checking at my taskbar I found a service running an unusual high memory., is this a malware? How do I get to stop it or reduce the memory allocation to it.? Is it possible to correct replace this service and how would this be archived?

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High memmory assocaiated with a windows service svchost


Hello, Robert!

  Seeing svchost.exe on your system is really nothing to worry about. It is pretty much normal as long as the svchost.exe is written in lower case letters. I read through a lot of forums and the maximum you can get is seven svchost.exe on your own Task Manager. On my Windows XP installed laptop, I have only seen a maximum of five svchost.exe. I was also worried back then but as I searched through the web I learned more about it and you must not in any case, stop those svchost.exe processes because they are important for the system, rather check the applications that you have recently installed.


Mathew Tand

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