The Hats in SEO- White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat

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Hello there.  I've heard a lot about the white and the black in Search Engine Optimization.  What about the grey hat which is, as they say, something in between,  not that bad but not that good either.   I wonder, are those really allowed by search engines?

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The Hats in SEO- White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat


Hi Lhoidie,

There are two main ideas about what Grey Hat is.
1. An approach which does not break search engine rules but bends them to say the least.
2. Doing a White Hat and Black Hat makes you a Grey Hat SEO.
They are questionable Search Engine Optimization techniques that does not fall in a White Hat or Back Hat category. What considered as White Hat today maybe considered Grey Hat tomorrow. And a Grey Hat today maybe be considered as Black Hat in the future by search engines since algorithms are becoming more and more keen to grey hat and black hat techniques. Grey Hat SEO costs less than White Hat although the results don't last long since search engines may spot patterns and reduce page ranking.
Hope your are enlightened by this.

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