Google Services Framework Stopped Immediately: HTC Desire

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My Android phone is getting an error which keeps me from using it comfortably. It’s a long message that occupied my screen. The error message is given below. It pops up and disappears, pops up again and disappears.

Anybody have any idea what this is?

I have tried searching online but I couldn’t get specific answer.

Here’s the error message:

Please always include:Operating system (e.g. WinXP):

Program and version you use to access Google Calendar: 

Any Sync software you're using or have used (e.g. Google Calendar Sync):

If you're using the non-Apps version of Google Calendar (accessing from or you're on Google Apps:

If you have any Labs (and which ones) or Offline enabled:

Getting the following on my HTC Desire HD regularly (around 12 time a day)" The application Google Services Framework (Process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

Any help would be appreciated.


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Google Services Framework Stopped Immediately: HTC Desire


Really easy, this will fix either android.process.acore force closing or force closing.

WARNING!: This will wipe contacts. It seems acore fc's when there are corrupted contacts. Usually by restoring contacts on an incompatible ROM….
And will temporarily wipe market list. So backup your contacts!

Step by step:

0. Make sure Sync is off, leave it off for some time!
1. Go into settings
2. Select Applications
3. Select Manage Applications
4. (If you are on 2.2) Select the All tab
5. Scroll down until you find Contacts Storage (select it).
6. Wipe data+clear cache(If available)
7. Hit back
8. Scroll down until you find Google Services Framework (select it)
9. Wipe data+clear cache (if available)
10. Reboot and enjoy
11. (optional) Enable Sync again
Enable sync again when your convinced that the error has gone.

If this works for you, can you reply stating what ROM your on? (Eg, Stock 2.2, Cyanogenmod 5.08, MIUI 0.9.24, etc)
Or if it doesn't work for you, do the same thing?

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Google Services Framework Stopped Immediately: HTC Desire


Hello Pierce,,

To resolve the issue that you are getting, you will need to use the following procedure:

  • You will need to copy the calendar ID from your Google calendar which is under "Calendar Settings" for the Google calendar you want to set up in iCal.
  • After that you will open Preferences in iCal and select "Accounts"
  • And then you will click on the "+" button to add a new account.
  • And then you will choose "CalDAV" from the Account Type menu.
  • After that you will type the user name – make sure that you do not add the part or it will just duplicate your main Google account- and then type your password
  • After that you can replace the section in all caps with the ID from step 1, and then go ahead and copy and paste this to the server address field.




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