How to fix Google Redirect Virus

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Why am I redirecting to different websites connected with Google? When I search on and clicked on the result pages, I am being redirected to other pages plus a countless pop-ups of websites connected to Google keeps on appearing.

I am using Mozilla Firefox 3.6 as my default web browser and it always brings me to annoying websites that I don't really intend to go. And while I am trying to find a solution on how to fix this error, I constantly have to click the back button because I am being redirected to other pages that are completely not relevant to what I am looking for.

I cleared the cache and everything but that did not resolve my problem. And as I searched on a site, I found out that this is a virus that could not only redirect to different websites but can also compromise my personal data's such as credit card information and many more.

How can I completely remove this from my system without having to use third party application? My computer is acting really slow. It seems like something is blocking my internet and I am always taken to a different fake websites. My system is running Windows 7 Ultimate. Any help will do. Thanks in advance.

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How to fix Google Redirect Virus


Hi! Greg,

I have seen this before on one of the computers where I work and this is infact quite annoying. You might even notice that it prevents you from visiting known Antivirus sites. It may in fact be possible to get rid of the virus manually, but the mere thought of having to plough through dozens of system files is very unappealing. This is how we got rid of the virus.

  1. Download MalwareBytes Anti Malware (MBAM). This is a free on demand scanner which has always given us good results. Highly praised and free, this is a must have (note: the free version does not have real time protection, only on-demnad scanning). Save and tuck this away on a flash drive  (ideally download this using another system)
  2. Boot in to safe mode: This process is simple. While the system powers up and goes through the POST routine keep pressing 'F8'. A menu should appear. Choose safe mode with networking. Once loaded it may ask if you want to use system restore instead, choose No.
  3. Install MBAM. It should automatically ask to update, do so. Click 'Run quick scan' and wait for the magic to happen. It should be able to find the virus and remove it. DO NOT REBOOT YET.
  4. Go to Start>>>> Run. Type "msconfig" without the quotes and hit enter. Go to the 'Startup Tab' and uncheck and programs you don't recognize.
  5. Reboot.

Hope that helps!

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How to fix Google Redirect Virus


It is totally annoying having this rogue virus all the time. But with your great help, I managed to fix the issue.

Thanks a lot Ashley.

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