Given A Pipeline, A, Of Five Stages

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Given a pipeline, A, of five stages, where each stage takes time t, produce a new pipeline, B, by dividing the third stage into two stages such that each stage takes time t/2.

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The original pipeline: Pipeline A is illustrated above.  It progresses from Stage 1 to Stage 5 with equal execution times t, finishing after time 5t.

As a transition to our final output: Pipeline AB shows almost the same pipeline as Pipeline A but Stage 3 is modified (colored red) by dividing it into two stages: Stage 3a and Stage 3b.  The time frame of Stage 3a and Stage 3b is specified as t/2.

The final Pipeline B is shown above, now having 6 Stages since the original Stage 3 was divided into 2 Stages (new Stage 3 and Stage 4).

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