Computer Hangs When Opening An Attachment In Emails

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I recently received an email with an attachment, and it was not in the junk mail or notified as a spam. But whenever I tried to open the attachment, my computer got stuck and also the system did not support the way of rebooting in the proper way, which caused me to switch off the computer to restart. Why does this happen? The virus guard is also enable and up to date and does not show any significant active threats. What should I do to view the attachment?

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  • May be it is the problem of your system components. If you have very low hardware configuration of our computer then you will face problem like that. Because loading email box will cost more of your system memory. So you need at least 64 MB or more than that to load email box.
  • There is a way to solve it. If you are using G mail then try to load it with its basic HTML format. It will use very less memory. If you are using another email server then try to load them in very simple version. This way you can open email box in small memory.
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Don't always rely on your email server's spam guard. It's not a 100% spam proof guard. Programmers can always and will always find a way to avoid being noticed by the anti-spam guard of most webmail servers in the internet. Like me for example, I always receive an email from an ad website. I added it to my contacts. But even if these emails I receive from them are legit, they are sometimes moved to spam folder. I don’t know how the spam guard really classifies every email.

And another thing is, if you are not familiar with an email you just received and an attachment is included that is intended for you to download as what the email message says, don’t download the attachment. They are sometimes in the form of a .bat file, a .zip file and sometimes .doc file. If you are really curious about the attachment, be careful when downloading it so you will not accidentally launch it.

I tried downloading once when I received an odd attachment. It was a .bat file. After downloading it I tried editing the file because it is a batch file so I know its contents are all texts. But I was wrong. When I opened it in notepad, the content has been in a binary code just like in the explorer.exe of Windows. It is an executable program file and not a batch file. So that time, I know the attachment is like a virus or a boat that is intended to hide in my computer.

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