Future Additional Features for Apple’s Siri

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The very well known voice command assistant Siri is on a modification stage according to Apple's CEO, Tim Cook. What do you think will be the additional features of Siri? Would the new version of Siri be compatible with the iPhone 4S or to a newer phone version?

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Future Additional Features for Apple’s Siri



Siri is that the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done simply by asking. It permits you to use your voice to send e-mail, timetable conferences, to appoint telephone calls and much more.
However Siri doesn’t like ancient voice recognition software package that wants you to remember keywords and to talk completely different commands. Siri understands your natural speech, and it asks you queries if it desires lots of knowledge to finish a task.
Siri uses the processing power of the dual-core A5 contribute iPhone 4S, and it uses 3G and WiFi networks to talk quickly with Apple’s information centers. So it will quickly understand what you say and what you’re requesting, then quickly return a response.
Siri works with most the inbuilt apps on iPhone 4S. And it’s wise enough to figure out those apps to use to provide you with answers. It to boot uses Search and web site Services to help you in conjunction with your requests. 
It's worth noting that Siri can presently pull up things like product valuation knowledge, but that's through metallic element Alpha, and alone valuation through Best purchase.
Perhaps lots of fascinating is that this goody relating to the software package having the power to figure devices ""locally or remotely"" that Apple offers could also be things like ""dialing telephones, dominant light-weight and temperature, dominant home security devices,"" and ""playing music or video.
You can raise Siri to create a call, understand a business and procure directions, schedule reminders and conferences, search the net, and more. You will be ready to even raise Siri “What area unit you ready to do for me?”
Or faucet the “i” among the right corner of the screen once you bring Siri up. You’ll see samples of things Siri can do, in conjunction with ways in which you will be ready to raise for things.

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