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I have a pen drive of 8 GB which I use to boot my damn small Linux. after installing this distribution to my pen drive its saying that 5 GB space is allocated whereas the distribution size is approximately 50-70 Mb. When I try to copy -paste file on my flash drive it says no space left & I am not able to copy anything in it. I have some more portable applications on my flash drive like Firefox and thunderbird which I use to synchronize my mails and for other stuff.

I want to use full 8 GB space and don't want to remove distribution also. Its ok if I have to re-install it as I don't have anything important on my flash drive. I already tried formatting my flash drive but its of no use. Still 5 GB space allocated by something, I don't know what. Also I want to know is it possible to make partitions of a flash drive or not? Tell me any solution for this problem. Thanks.

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  • First of all, it's good to know you are using damn small linux for that matter. That's good. It's cool to carry a whole operating system in your pocket.
  • Now to your problem, you have installed damn small linux to your 8Gb flash drive but 5Gb is used up.
  • I recommend to cleanly format your USB first. Then after it has cleanly formatted, partition your USB flash drive to two. (Note: 2-3 is recommended here considering the size of the flash drive).
  • You can use GParted or fdisk for partitioning if you are using linux.
  • After you have finish the partition, be sure to format each partition.
  • After that, install your damn small linux on one partition.
  • With that, you can do stuff on your 2nd USB partition as data storage.

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If there is any problem in the circuit of the pen drive, these memory issues can be displayed. There is no way to repair it. But sometime due to viruses infections also these kinds of memory problems can occur. By formatting your drive you can avoid the problem, but if the source file of virus saved in the system, you have to remove it. Try that by connecting your flash drive to another computer.