Firewall Software For Windows 8 To Prevent The Computer From Virus.

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In this generation, Internet is one of the basic needs. It is useful for many things but the harm is virus. Virus can enter computer system through internet or spam emails. To prevent the computer from infection firewall is installed. How to download firewall software for Windows 8?

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Firewall Software For Windows 8 To Prevent The Computer From Virus.


A firewall is not designed to protect your computer against viruses. What it does is protect your computer and network from outside and unauthorized access. But it does protect you from viruses in one way. If a virus or malware tries to initiate an outside connection, the firewall will definitely block it.

Most of the viruses like Trojan horses acquire personal information from a computer and once it collected data, it will try to contact its server to pass on the information. The role of the firewall in this scenario is to block the program from sending the information. The firewall can allow traffic to pass through except data that meets pre-determined set of criteria.

A firewall can also block all traffic except the ones that meets a pre-determined set of criteria. Microsoft Windows has a built-in firewall called the Windows Firewall. This firewall only offers basic protection. If you want a much stronger firewall on your computer, you can install an internet security program such as Norton Security or ESET Smart Security. These security programs are both an antivirus and a firewall.

Aside from being an antivirus, these two security programs have built-in personal firewall that offers better protection than the Windows Firewall. You can download ESET Smart Security from ESET Offline Installers. You can download Norton Security from Norton Security Deluxe. By the way, Norton Security is the combination of the former Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus.

Symantec decided to merge these two programs into one to give better and unified protection.

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