How to remove Fake Adobe Update Virus

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I think my computer is infected with malware or a virus that I cannot define. This happens after downloading Adobe Flash Player Update which I think is a legit version from Adobe itself, by the look, you really can't tell that this is some sort of a virus. After downloading the update, my computer shuts down and I could not open it to my windows again.

I open it again, and I can just reach until the Windows XP loading window. After that it restarted again then an error appears that my windows failed to start. I hit the F8 key upon restarting then boot to safe mode then uninstall that Adobe fake update. But seems like the virus spread to my windows and i could not open it normally again.


Security tool successfully installed!

I tried to repair my computer, but it doesn't help at all. How can I remove the virus? This seems to be a strong malware or something. I am using Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2. I already scan my computer, but the malware cannot be detected. I am using AVG Free Edition.

How can I completely uninstall this rogue virus?

Please take note that I can only open my computer on safe mode which has a very limited access.

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How to remove Fake Adobe Update Virus


Hi Douglas,

I am afraid that if it came to the point that you can only use your computer on Safe Mode, then it has really infected your system files. If under Safe Mode you can still install programs, try using ESET or Avira or any other anti-virus program to scan your files. If your scan results show the infected files, you must delete them. But chances are, after you restart your computer it will come back since it looks like it has pretty much spread through your hard disk.

The only sure way to completely remove all traces of the virus is to reformat your computer. 


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How to remove Fake Adobe Update Virus


It is indeed the best way to resolve my problem. So I formatted my computer. In that case, all the errors and problems I am encountering have been fixed.

Thanks a lot for helping.

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