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I was trying to upgrade Symantec Backup Exec™ 2012 with version 12.0, but it failed to continue due to the error below.

I cannot continue with the upgrade path suggested by the error message. Is there any other way to install the upgrade?

I already removed the Exec Version 11.0, but the error is still incurs.

Any ideas about this please let me know.

Symantec Backup Exec ™ 2012

Backup Exec Environment Checks


Symantec Backup Exec version 11.0 is installed on this computer. A version of Backup Exec later than or equal to 12.5 is required to upgrade directly to Backup Exec 2012.

An upgrade path from version 12.5 to version 2012 is available. For more information on obtaining the necessary upgrades, see the following technote: see here.

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Hi Louis,

To solve this issue you need to remove this following registry keys which has the information about SID settings. If you can`t find them Go to start menu and run the Search command, Type RTSgroup.


 Note before removing this registry keys make sure that you made a copy of it.

1.Another Solution is, Reinstall your older version of exec 11.0.

2.After installing it do not remove the older version, Instead Update it without uninstalling the older version. After doing this Delete again the Registry keys mentioned above.

NOTE: again before deleting the said registry keys make a copy of it.

Good luck and for any further question Contact me.