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Hi,Windows XP boot system is currently having technical difficulties.

I am about to Install Windows XP to my old computer. While trying to reach the Bios set up utility and save the priority boot devices the F10 key is not functioning. When I hit both Ok and Cancel button ,no actions came out.

Only the interface shows up and freezes (see the image below)

It freezes and has to unplug the power connector to be able to exit from the setup. Repeated the command, but still it happens.

This is kind of serious problem and need some assistant. Please help thanks.


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Hello Christopher Rey,
The problem that you have submitted in this site is not a common problem at all. There are some possible causes that you should know. In your screen shot, I have seen that you wanted to make the CD or DVD rom as a first boot priority. If ok button is not working, then it is certain that your removable drives are not configured properly. It may be turned off or have not connected properly. May be you forget to connect the SATA or ATA cables. So please check it at first.
If it does not work, then please update your BIOS version from the site of your motherboard brand.
Hope this will help you.

Riddiculous Rimon

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Hi dear,

It seems that you have not updated the BIOS on your computer. It is also possible that you have some wrong settings on BIOS already, so now they are creating this problem. Now, please follow these steps. Remove the CMOS Battery for ten seconds, and then put it again. Load default settings, then save these settings and restart your computer. Now, it will work properly. Thanks.