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Author: Lian Ramos
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              Hello Guys! I have a question. Why I always encounter this error message every time that I choose application in computer management. Error said “ the interface is unknown”. I am using windows xp operating system. What could be the possible reason for this error?

Event Viewer

Unable to complete the operation on “Application”.

The interface is unknown.


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This error can be due to multiple reasons, and we will try to check the most probable cause of this error, and hope fully resolves the same.

First of all go to start-run, and type “services.msc” (without quotation).

Press Enter

On the services menu, on the right side of the screen, check for the service called “Event Log”, double click on this service, and check that: Is it started? – Is it Automatic?

If it is not automatic, change it to automatic, and start the service. Then Re-Start your system, and again check if the error is present or resolved.

If you still receive the error, then the only best alternate will to use the built in tool called: SFC /scannow.

Go to Start-Run, and type: sfc/scannow and press enter. The system will start checking its original files, and if there is any corruption, it will replace the file. Be sure to have your original Installation Windows XP media on hand, as the scan can always ask for this media.

For further details as to how to use this tool refer the instructions on:


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This can be caused by corrupted operating system files as the applications in computer management are inherent in Windows. Try doing system restore and choose a date when it worked. This should fix the problem if it's related to your system files and registry. It could also be caused by a virus infection causing your system applications to stop working. Try running a full system scan on your machine and have the infections cleaned when detected. If worse comes to worst, you should start backing up your files as you may need to reinstall your operating system to get everything working again.