Event Properties – Event 1048, MSExchange OWA

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Hello there,

I did the updates for Outlook and now I found this error on event properties in Microsoft Exchange. I tried to reinstall the previous version of Outlook and the error appears again. Does anyone can help me please with this error?

Thank you !

Event Properties – Event 1048, MSExchange OWA

Outlook Web App couldn’t connect Exchange Web services due to a configuration error.Response code= “500”.

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Event Properties – Event 1048, MSExchange OWA


Since you found this error from within the Event Viewer, you can totally ignore it. It is not really an error that will make your application stop or whatever. It is possible that that error is caused by a problem in the system while it is communicating with other components. If you will check the Event Viewer of Microsoft Windows, you will actually see lots of different errors and it is normal.

But even if you see lots of different errors, it doesn’t mean that your operating system has a problem or needs fixing. The components that run in the system of Microsoft Windows are constantly communicating with each other while you are using the computer and while Microsoft Windows is running. It is normal for an error to happen between the communicating components and the result is logged.

The log is used to keep track of the activities of the different services which can be used in troubleshooting in case there is a problem. In your case, if Microsoft Office Outlook is working perfectly then there is no need to fix it. You don’t need to keep on reinstalling the application just because you see an error in the Event Viewer.

As long as the application is working without throwing any errors on your screen when you open it, there is no need to be alarmed just because of an error in the Event Viewer. Here is an example of an error in my Event Viewer for the program Windows Search. See image.

Windows Search is an indexing application from Microsoft that indexes and catalogs the contents of the drive. In my sample image, the error is caused by Windows Search Service which is the service for Windows Search. It logs the errors it encounters in between its activities. This error doesn’t cause my program to exhibit anomaly and should be ignored.

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