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Hi, I am using Crystal Reports X together with Pervasive Database software. I was generating a report and accessing a database when randomly I got this error message about a login failed with several error codes. I was new to this software so I searched the web for some answers but unfortunately I needed to subscribe to that forum in order to know the answer. What a bummer! So, I turned to this forum and trust you guys will give me the answer. Please help!

Crystal Reports

Logon failed. Details: IM003:Specified driver could not be loaded due system error 998: Invalid access to memory location. (Pervasive ODBC Client Interface, C:\Program Files (x86)\Pervasive Software\PSQL\bin\w3odbcci.dll). [Database Vendor Code: 160 ]

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Hola MariaA,

A pleasant day to you!  The pervasive database DDL can't be installed when you installed the Crystal Reports. Please make sure that Crystal Reports supports pr compatible with the Pervasive Database. Just to be cleared, the original DLL is "Crdb_oracle.dll. Make sure that it is in the same format exactly as what I wrote.  Under the c:\programs files\business objects enterprise 12.0\win32_x86, you can find the stored DLLs. 

Another way to solve your problem is uninstall Crystal Reports. Remove this program by  going to control panel, search for add remove programs and then choose Crystal Reports and click REMOVE. After that you can then reinstall Crystal Report. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

I hope that any of these solution helps you fix your problem.