Error stop 0x00000101 and BSOD appears all the time

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My computer started to show me BSOD time to time. I can work the whole day without any problem and three times in a row show me BSOD and error code stop 0x00000101. Please advice what could be the problem, I have reinstalled windows already 2 times, first time from Windows 8 to Windows 7, but it did not help. The worst part is that you never know when it can happen.

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Error stop 0x00000101 and BSOD appears all the time


The most common cause of this error is the overheating of your CPU.

As time goes by, dust and debris are accumulated inside the CPU, hence creating a lack of air circulation.

Before we go to a conclusion, let’s first try cleaning the mother board. After a thorough cleaning of the CPU using air blower or brush, continue using your computer like nothing happened and observe if the error still occurs, otherwise we solved the problem.

If it does, then the reason would be the following:

1.       Video card  – Uninstalling completely and deleting the driver file folder will do the trick.

2.       Programs running in background – try running in safe mode, this will evaluate the theory.

3.       Bad CPU core – You mentioned about re-installing windows, if you used a 32bit version before then installed a new 64bit OS now. Contact your processor/mother board manufacturer and check warranty, sometimes they offer locking the bad core of the processor.

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