Error name “missing command interpreter”,

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When I am booting my computer I get this error "missing command interpreter", what is this?


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Error name “missing command interpreter”,


Missing command interpreter error displayed when you don’t have the command interpreter in your system. The disk is bootable but the problem is the system could not find the command interpreter. Command interpreter such as and CMD.EXE are both required to make your bootable disk runs.

If these two files are corrupted or missing in your system, you may try to copy the same command interpreter on the other computer and put it in your computer. Location is important so you must put the file on the same location where you copied the files. Generally, the file was located in WINDOWSSYSTEM32 folder.

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Error name “missing command interpreter”,


Here are some causes of this error message

Non bootable CD

  • It is possible that our computer is attempting to boot from other devices such as CD drive or floppy disk
  • Boot option is setup improperly
  • Be sure that your boot option in CMOS is set up properly
  • Bad hard drive
  • It also possible that your hard drive is dying already
  • If you’ve done everything and still receives an error you should try these steps
  1. Boot your computer with a bootable floppy diskette.
  2. When prompted type fdisk /mbr and press enter.
  3. This will return to a prompt with no message and once back at the prompt, reboot the computer. Done!

If the same error still occurs it is recommended to reinstall your operating system. Thanks!

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