Error inserting image from scanner

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I inserted images from my scanner to OOo-documents without any trouble. After my hard disk crashed, I had to reinstall the software.

 Now I unable to the task mentioned above. Scan to a file is ok but I unable to insert into documents directly. This is the thing I experienced;

1. I clicked Insert, Picture, Scan, and Choose source and the software "Scanwise" showed as an option. I selected it.
2. I choose request, Scanwise opening window appears, it followed by an error message mentioned below.
"Some components are missing. Please re-install the application with the right scanner." 
After clicking OK, another error.
"The application is unable to initialize and will close".
Again OK and it does.
I uninstalled OOo completely including the registry entries. Then I reinstalled it. But I was unable to solve the error. Setup never asks me which scanner to be appeared during the installation process either.
As before the disk crash, I run software with administrator privileges.
My questions are;
From where can I find the missing files? Where to copy them? and any other things to do?
My operating system is Vista, Scanner is Agfa Snapscan Touch and OOo version is 3.3.
Please give me some solutions for this.
 Help me
Thank you.
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Error inserting image from scanner


If after your hard drive crashed you did not try reinstalling Windows again and you just reinstalled some of the programs that got affected, then maybe this is the reason why your scanner is not working right. But if this is the only problem with your computer and the rest of your applications are working properly then maybe the driver of the scanner got affected and not only its application.

Try doing another clean installation of the scanner’s software to restore it to its default configuration and remove corrupted files that may have affected the device from functioning correctly. First, turn on your scanner then attach its USB plug into your computer to make it active in the Device Manager. After that, right-click on My Computer then select Properties. Select Hardware tab then click on Device Manager. Next, find your scanner on the set of installed devices then right-click on it then select Uninstall. This will remove the scanner’s basic driver.

After this, you may now disconnect the scanner’s plug from your machine then proceed on uninstalling its software. Restart your computer when asked. After booting, check your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system. Connect again your scanner’s USB plug into your computer to detect the device and install its primary drivers. Be sure that it is turned on to make it detectable. Next, install its application again and then check it if this fixes the problem.

If doing all these it didn’t solve the problem, the last resort would be to format your hard drive and then install Windows again. It’s possible that some of the important drivers of the operating system got corrupted because of the crashing of the hard drive that crippled your scanner. Just install all other programs again afterwards.

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