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Hello experts.

I am unable to get the Winamp player to work.  It just keeps saying

"Bad Direct Sound Driver. Please install proper drivers or select another device in configuration. Error code: 88780078

Why this is happening?  I have an ASUS motherboard P5AD2-E Premium, with a P4 550 3.4 GHz processor and 2MB DDR2 RAM.  Can anyone help me please? 

Thanks in advance.

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I have found a solution on your problem. Please update the following drivers and program for it to solve the problem that you are having(check the device manager and go to sounds if there is problems or an error) .

1. Download and Update your sound card driver that is available on their site (please download the latest and updated version of the driver your driver might be already corrupted so you might need a reinstall or your driver is too old and needs to be updated) After updating the program try running it again now this time it will work.

Please enjoy your stay here have a good day.

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It seems you are having trouble in playback of sounds , the solution to this provided in the question itself , you have missing sound drivers , when you bought your PC you must have got a CD with it , it says drivers in it then put in the drive and then let it search for missing drivers and then install it, now have a system restart and now try it , and you can see that you can listen to audio files in winamp.

If it didn't just go to Google and search for audio drivers , ASUS motherboard P5AD2-E Premium is your motherboard so i suggest you to go to and search for your motherboard first then you can see downloads option in that you select sound driver and download then install it and then commence a system restart and done , now you can play audio in winamp .

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Hello Brain and Pasio,

Your suggestion for my problem is nice. It helped me terribly. I recommend both of you. You keep continue your helping work & inspire others.... Techyv also deserves a thanks.

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Hi  Carlesy , 

Glad that my solution solved your problem . 

We are happy to help. 

Do post all your Problems here at

Good Luck.

IT Expert
Lesten Pasio

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There is also other techniques that can solve your issue.

Visit this techyv page:

Sound drivers have issues. Error code: 88780078