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I recently installed Bitdefender Total Security 2012, with MalwareBytes already installed in my PC. I started having problems with my game, which worked perfectly before installing Bitdefender. It loads everything but Xtrap stops with HWGC.exe.

The game doesn’t launch after that. I tried to resolve this by closing and reinstalling Bitdefender but I still encounter the same problem.

Can anybody figure out what’s wrong, please? I need help on what should I do.

Thank you in advance. 

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HWGC.exe is an illegal file and it usually access some important files on your computer. This is required for the illegal file to work properly.

You said that you have installed bitdefender total security 2012 as well as MalwareBytes already on your PC. So here are the possible situations or solutions that you can have

As both the software are same in nature, bitdefender and MalwareBytes, their installation files might be conflicting with each other. It's better to uninstall one of them.

Try re downloading the HWGC from their site and reinstall it.

Try to add HWGC.exe in the exceptions of the windows. Or make bitdefender allow this file to be executed. Bitdefender is detecting this file as a potential threat to your PC that is why it is not allowing you to execute that.