“Error: -1603 Fatal error during installation.”

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Here’s a PowerDVD Error which says it all. The process stopped as soon as this message appeared. It neither indicates the cause nor suggests possible solutions.

Does anybody have a solution for this one?

Error: -1603 Fatal error during installation.

Error: -1603 Fatal error during installation.

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“Error: -1603 Fatal error during installation.”



While installing software you should check the entire popup menu carefully. I think this problem occurred with your Windows Firewall. Windows Firewall denied to installing the expecting program. It is a common phenomenon for Windows while installing a program. So get your Windows Firewall manually off (it also covers your Antivirus currently running with your PC). Inappropriate software is also responsible for this error.

Always select an updated and fresh copy of the software. You can download or purchase a fresh copy of the software and then install it carefully keeping all the above mentioned points track. If it occurs again make sure about the compatibility of your PC’s configuration with the software.

I hope you understand it.

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“Error: -1603 Fatal error during installation.”


Solution 1:-

Errors usually occurred during creation of temporary files which are located in "C:Temp".

Delete the contents of Temp folder and empty it, try rebooting and reinstalling software now.

If it does not solve your problem.

Try downloading and install CCleaner Tool from the link:


Solution 2:-

Enable Build in administrator and login under it.

Go to start, then search and then regedit.

Click Edit and select FInd.

Type GUID in find field and click "Find Next".

Once located give permissions to the registry key.

Go to Key's properties and select "Security tab".

Go to Advanced and then Owner tab.

Highlight your current active log of Windows.

Check "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects."

Apply settings.

Security tab

Choose properties and reopen.

Advanced Security settings

Click Security tab, edit permission, check all boxes, apply the settings.

Permission Entry

Close registry and try installing again.

Hope that works!

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