Ecc parity RAM or non-ecc parity RAM?

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How to find out whether a memory is eccparity RAM or non-eccparity RAM? Does the number of chips on the module helps to find it out?

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Ecc parity RAM or non-ecc parity RAM?

Hello Martin,
Yes, the number of chips is a tell-tale sign that a RAM module is ECC or parity RAM. Non-ECC RAM has an even number of chips.  ECC RAM has an additional chip for the parity handling. This makes the chip count divisible by 3 or divisible by 5. So, to determine if a RAM module is ECC or non-ECC, count the chips. If it is not evenly divisible by 3 or 5, then it is a non-ECC RAM.
By the way, using ECC reportedly reduces performance by up to 2%. So unless you have a mission-critical system that absolutely requires ECC, it is better to use non-ECC RAM.

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