DVD drive makes a clicking sound

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Hey there! My Laptop’s DVD drive is kind of weird.

I am using an Acer Aspire 2950 laptop. It is running on Windows Vista SP2. I can actually play DVDs fine. I can watch two movies, but that I can say, is at most. This is because whenever I am into my third movie, just a few minute of it starting, it will create a clicking sound and the movie will not play. It is like the DVD drive is scratching the DVD. It is so awful to hear, and when I checked my DVD, there is a little bit of scratch.

I want it to work like the other first two DVDs I have played. What seems to be the issue with my DVD drive?

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DVD drive makes a clicking sound


Hi there, Mark Anthony here

Now your problem here can be attributed to either the disc itself or the tray of your DVD drive. Seeing as though you can actually play the videos, a software problem is far too far-fetched. Now what you can try to do here is determine first if it happens on the same DVD or does it happen on every DVD you have. If it happens only on one DVD, there might be some problem with the DVD itself that's causing it to misalign inside the tray and scratch the surface inside. Now if it happens to all your DVD's, and DVD you put, possibly, something's wrong with your DVD drive, most specifically, the part that holds the DVD in place. Now depending on what you determine, if you find out it's the DVD that is faulty and you just can't afford to have this issue going on, there is no alternative but to replace it or take it for repair. Either way though, seeing your situation as you describe it, this can't be any sort of software issue.

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