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I am using iTunes to change the contents of my iPod, just this morning when I want to add and remove some files with my iPod, I meet an error message that tells me that my iPod could not be restored, I posted below the screen shot of the error.



The iPhone  “       “ could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build. 

As I read the error, I don't have any idea on the error. So, what I did is, to restart my computer and attached my iPod again, but same error message I encountered. I use the internet to look for similar problem and solution, nothing was posted.

Please share some thoughts on this error message, thanks.

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Based upon my best knowledge and research, you have got a 3GS. Try to restore from iTunes on PC and it may work for the first time. You can restore from any computer with iTunes, even one you never sync'd with before. Once it's restored, just sync it with the computer you usually use.

Google "iPod recovery mode" & "iPod DFU mode" These two modes are obtained through a combination of button presses. First enter recovery mode and then try to restore. If that doesn't work, enter DFU mode and try the restore. If that doesn’t work contact the nearest service provider.