Dell studio laptop is overheated

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Two months back i have purchased dell studio laptop. It is getting overheating from the back side. Is it a battery problem or some processor related problem. I tried to find the solution in the net but did not get the right solution for it.

Should i use cooling pad for this or replace the laptop as it is in warranty period.

Thanks in advance.

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Dell studio laptop is overheated


Hi Dear,

Its seems that it is hardware problem. As per your post, your laptop is under warranty. So please don't try to open any screw or back cover. Mainly this problem happens when your processor culling fan is not work properly or the cooling panel is faulty.

So please don't loss your time to take decision.

Go to the shop from where you buy this Laptop. And claim a warranty for this.

This is only and good suggestion for you.
If you get help from this site or this solution than please reply this post with thanks.
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Dell studio laptop is overheated


As it is in warranty period, You could contact Dell and ask them to help in this issue. But for any other solution that, you could try these:

1. Dust. This is one of the main reason laptops get overheated. You could clean your laptop once very month by removing all the major parts, if you are a techie. Otherwise, it would be wise to go to a computer repairer and ask him to do the work for you.

2. There may be some problem with the processor or the heatsink. Ask the computer manufacturer or some computer repairer to check for the problem. You could also ask them to verify your computer's fan.

3. You could use cooling pads. They are some of the best ways to avoid overheating. Most of the gamers and other computer users who use their computers most of the time should definitely have cooling pads.

4. You can also reduce the burden on your computer. Sometimes, computer gets heated when you use so many programs at a single time. You could try leasing the burden on your computer.


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Dell studio laptop is overheated


Dear HIthakur007,

Your problem can be battery related or processor related or both.

Faulty battery causes to produce more heat than a effective battery. As you have your warranty, my suggestion for you is that you should consult with dell customer outlet.

Processor can be sometimes responsible for heating of laptops. The more the processor is being used, the more the heat is generated. So, you should consult with your provider. But, never try to open the casein.

Ineffective cooling fan can sometime cause this problem. Sometimes cooling fan does not work. There is also a possibility of bad fixed cooling fan. So, check it out.

You should also check your air vents. Sometimes dust jam the path of outgoing hot air. This is a very common problem. So, keep the path dust free.

Do not use laptop keeping it on the bed. Actually, do not keep the laptop directly on anything. Maintain some distance between laptop and the surface.

You can test laptop cooler. It can help to reduce the temperature.

Playing too many programs at the same time sometimes cause this problem. You might have noticed that when you play high profile games laptop gets overheated. So, try to avoid this type of situations.

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