Creating a list of about 1200 mailing addresses

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I work for a certain company that has tasked me to create a list of about 1200 mailing addresses. Being familiar with Outlook DL I am aware that this is much more than it can handle. This list can be handled well by Exchange 2003. However, I don’t know how to come up with this list considering that I don’t have these users in my AD and would also like to avoid a situation whereby I would be forced to enter all the 1200 external addresses into my AD. Someone please help. Thanks.

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Creating a list of about 1200 mailing addresses


To send email to your 1200 user you can use Distribution Lists in Outlook

Rather you add number of contacts, you have to just add the name of list, Your recipient do not know a list is involved.


Creating the Outlook Distribution List


To create the list,


1. From the New menu, select Distribution List.


2. In the Untitled " Distribution List panel, click Select Members? to add people in your Contacts folder. You can click Add New.. to add other email addresses.


3. In the Select Members dialog, select the contact to add. You can press the Ctrl key and click on each one.


4. Click the Members > button to add your contacts.


5. Click OK to accept the entries. You'll return to the Untitled “Distribution List panel.


6. Type a name for your list in the Name: text box.


7. Click the Notes tab and add some descriptive text about the list.


8. Click the Save and Close button.


Your list entry now shows in your Contacts folder. If you look to the right of the title you should see an icon with two heads. This indicates the item is a distribution list. You can click the entry and see which contacts are in your list.

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