Could not open MindManager File on iPhone

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I updated my MindManager on my iPhone. I purchased it to create maps and I would like to import the files I have created. I backed them up and used the default extension which is .IMMAP. But the following files cannot be opened using the new version of MindManager. What should I do?

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Could not open MindManager File on iPhone


Hello Larry Lohan,

Have you tried opening the files in new MindManager application to establish that indeed they cannot be opened? I do not think updating the application should bring with it such kind of inconvenience but it should indeed improve the performance of the application.

So I think the problem with the files themselves and not the application. May be they could have gotten corrupt after you backed them up or a problem occurred when you were backing them up that is causing them to behave that way.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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Could not open MindManager File on iPhone


Hello Larry,

The updating of the MindManager should not be a problem. The problem arises due to the file extensions. You find that, the previous version of MindManager had a .mmp file extension and the current MindManager has a .mmap file extension. Most of the current MindManagers should open .mmp files from the previous versions and convert them to .mmap.

Check your file to see whether the file extensions have a .mmap extension. If they have and are not being opened, try to change the MindManager to an earlier version.

Thank you.

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