Connecting two laptops using their Wifi Adapters

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Is it possible to connect two laptops together, using their own WiFi adapter without the need of a router or anything.

Just plain, two laptops together. We all know that all laptops are WiFi ready.

Can we utilize that?

For example, how about playing DOTA via laptops. No need of wires and other devices.

Is that possible?

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Connecting two laptops using their Wifi Adapters


Hi Gwen,

Yes it’s possible. Actually we use that as well with my brother when we’re playing the same game (DOTA). You just need to set-up a wireless network on one of the laptops. Although the connection is direct or peer-to-peer, this will configure the laptop as the server PC and the other un configured laptop as the client PC.

You just need to go to Control Menu and set it up. Try the following:

  • From the Start Menu, go to ‘Control Panel’, then to ‘Network and Internet’, and to ‘Network and Sharing Center’
  • From this, select ‘Set-up a new connection or network’
  • You will then be prompted on which hardware you are going to use – whether Wireless, Dial-up or Broadband. In your case, you have to select the wireless option.
  • After selecting the wireless option, provide the name for your wireless connection then click ‘Next’ until the configuration is done.

After this, enable the wireless adapter on the other laptop and connect to the network just like the way you connect to any WiFi hotspot and you’re done!

Note: If you encountered any connection problem, try to disable the Windows firewall or the Antivirus firewall.

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Connecting two laptops using their Wifi Adapters


You need to create an ad hoc wireless network for this. Give it a wireless network name and make it secure.

You also need to set a static IP be sure that they are on same IP range say first computer would be set to and second computer would be Each computer must have unique IP addresses.

Just change the last octet of the IP address.

They should be on the same Subnet mask and leave the default gateway blank as you are not using any wireless router or wireless access point. Once these are setup you view your wireless network and you can see the wireless network you have created.

Connect to it and for sure they will be connected.

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