Computer monitor going to sleep message

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I have a HP pc .

While working on pc LCD monitor displays the message " Monotor going to sleep" and pc power off .

When i power on pc not starting.

After several hours computer starts.

This happens sometimes?

What is the reason for this?

Is this LCD or PC related issue?

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Computer monitor going to sleep message


Well Karla this is a hardware issue. The fault could be either in the monitor or in the motherboard of your system. The chances are more that its due to the monitor. Monitor when gets warm/hot gets powered off.

And till it gets cool again it doesn't start.

The solution is that you could move to an Air conditioned room. If that's not possible, then move a fan close to the monitor to keep it cool. Also don't forget to shut down your computer when you are not using it for long time.

Another possible cause could be the graphics card. There is an issue with some HP laptops that they get heated and the PC gets shut down due to graphics card getting hot. Its a manufacturers fault and if that's the case send your PC to repair to HP center.

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Computer monitor going to sleep message


This could be a hardware issue. Try checking if all your hardware is working properly and no damaged part. 

Try cleaning your computer by detaching the parts and cables. (Note: If you are not familiar with how your hardware is installed and connected seek help). Remove any dust or clumps that might affect performance especially dusts from the blower / fan of your motherboard. If the fan gets stuck most likely your processor will reach a high temperature. Once that temperature is reached, your computer will try to cool it off by shutting down.

Another thing make sure that your PSU (Power Supply Unit) delivers the correct wattage for your computer. It may harm your computer if the PSU is not correct. Computer should be supplied with the correct wattage for it to run smoothly.

One more reason that your computer is switching off is because of not enough memory to be used. Make sure that the memory, RAM, of your computer is still ok and no damaged part.

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Computer monitor going to sleep message


Thanks guys.. 

Your ideas are exactly true. 

I went to a friend who knows how to check computer hardware. 

And as expected got some problem on its motherboard. 

Good thing I read your ideas about this.

Keep it up. 

Continue to help others. 


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