Charging issues with my Samsung smart phone

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Hello there,

I have recently bought Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone and it is amazing. But I am facing charging issues with it. It is taking very long time to charge. It is taking 5-6 hours to charge up to 80%. After unplugging it from AC power, for 1-2 hours it will be fine. In the middle suddenly the charging is going down like from 70% to 30% like that even though there are no applications running on the backend. I have tried replacing the battery, but no much use. I am not sure how can I troubleshoot this issue.

Could this be an issue with the phone itself? Did anybody experience the same issue? Please advise if you have any Suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Charging issues with my Samsung smart phone


There seems to be a problem with all the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones. The kernel usage is abnormally high.

The kernel on an Android device is the base of the system. It normally should only be called when there are changes in the system itself. But taking in consideration your long hours of battery charging and the very fast discharge, then it's the only explanation for such a huge battery drain.

It would be recommended to wait for Samsung to release and update to fix the high amount of kernel usage. Until then, you can try these tips to improve your battery life :

1. Lower your screen brightness by accessing the System menu, then go to Display and lower the Brightness.

2. Adjust the Screen Timeout Interval by lowering in the Display section, and accessing the Screen timeout and selecting 15 seconds as an option.

3. Disable any Data or Wi-Fi using apps, and also deactivating them whenever you don't need them. These two reduce your battery life drastically.

These three options will give you an extra boost to your battery until Samsung will fix the kernel problem.

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