Cannot perform Make Stubdom command

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I got this error message below:

“CC1: warnings being treated as errors xc_remus.c: In function ‘xc_remus_create_context’: xc_remus.c:402: error: implicit declaration of function ‘posix_memalign’ make[3]: * [xc_remus.o] Erreur 1 make[2]: * [build] Erreur 2 make[1]: * [libxc-x86_32/libxenctrl.a] Erreur 2 make: * [install-stubdom] Erreur 2. ”

I get this every time I do something with Stubdom.

It does not allow me to perform the “MAKE STUBDOM” command. Anyone got the same issue?

Please send me an advice.


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Cannot perform Make Stubdom command

Dear Sachi Yu,
Actually your question needs some clarification but I'll try to guess what you were trying to do. I think you were trying to install Xen tools and one of the installation instructions is to "make stubdom".
According to some tutorial explaining how to get Xen tools installed on your machine, you don't need to use "make stubdom" or even "make install-stubdom". In the following steps I'll show you briefly how to install Xen tools:
  • cd /usr/src
  • wget <xen-tools-download-url>
  • tar –xzvf xen-tools-<version>.tar.gz
  • rm xen-tools<version>.tar.gz
  • cd xen-tools<version>
  • make clean
  • make install
Hope this may help you.
Best of luck.

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