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I am planning to buy the latest version of iPad but first, I need to ascertain if it meets the basic features I am looking for. Can I use Microsoft Word? If not, is there another word processing program that is compatible with iPad? Does it have a DVD player and a USB port? Can I install Adobe Photoshop? Can iPad perform the essential functions of a computer? Please shed me some light regarding my queries.

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1st Question: Yes, you can use Microsoft Word in an iPAD if you will download iWork Pages app. from the iTunes store. You can simply open, edit and save documents in Pages and Word format.

2nd Question: The iPAD doesn’t have DVD player and USB port. But, if you would like to maximize the features of an iPAD everything you need will be in iTunes store.

3rd Question: You can install Adobe Photoshop Express available in App Store. You can login to App store from your iPAD, click on Search tab, type Adobe Photoshop Express in search tab, click on Adobe Photoshop Express, click on Install, then the application will be installed.

4th Question: iPad doesn’t really perform the essential functions of a computer, but if you are fond of new technology and delighted with the way it looks, you can have it and see it for yourself.

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I have read your intention of buying the latest version of an iPad. I have also the same issue of this technology on how it could help me. The iPad’s are made not for Desktop Pc’s that can store lots of data. The features of a computer are different from an iPad. These iPad’s has MsWord and you can also take advantage of Adobe Photoshop. However, if you’re planning to watch movies on a DVD player these iPad’s would only work if you saved the movie. The models of iPad’s now may use USB ports for you to store and copy or saved data.