Black Screen and Received no Response

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Do you also encounter black screen issue on your laptop after you install a video card?
I got here a Dell Inspiron Laptop with these Specs – Core i7, Windows 8.1, 8GB Memory.
After installing the AMD Radeon video card It gave me a black screen and received no response.
What shall i do? 

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Black Screen and Received no Response



There are thousands of causes that can be the culprit. First of all, check that your graphics card’s minimum system requirement supports your laptop. It is very important because graphics card works on a lot of pressure which should be supported by your laptop.

Next, you’ll have to give Windows setup as you’ve added new hardware. It is important to make Windows familiar with hardware and if you install Windows completely new, it will recognize every part of the laptop as new and work with them fresh as the older one already worked with other devices. Learn how to install Windows 8.1.

Then, you’ll have to install the right driver. Download AMD Radeon driver.

If still no luck, check that the monitor’s configuration is selected to get data from graphics card’s port.

Last of all, a faulty hardware may cause the issue and that must be the graphics card you bought. You have to change it with a fresh one.

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