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Author: Chad raymond
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I don’t know what this is happening with my social networking site.

I am getting a black window after I refreshed the page. 

That black box contains

Twitter Error : An unknown error has occurred.

My computer configuration is:

iMac C2D 2,4 ghz / 2GB ram / Snow Leopard /
Socialite 1.3.5
Permissions rebuilds.

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Hi Chad Raymond!

To resolve this issue:

1.) Go to:

2.) Turn your RSS Feeds On

3.) Go to your Settings

4.) Draw the gear box: Bill Preferences: E'er report and occupation on your attender as YOUR Author Traducement steady when apply twitter as YOUR OWN Recite.

5.) Save your settings

6.) Go to: // and allow the new permission on your computer.

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I have seen your configuration iMac C2D 2, 4 GHz / 2 GB Ram /snow Leopard and error is unknown and the base on an error is twitter error now I am explaining two main pints it will help you easily 
1-        Use this site as a cross browser.
2-        If it will get same errors on each browser so this issue should be sent to twitter support team.
3-        If it will get an only one or two browsers so you should update your browser.
Hopefully it will be fine otherwise send error report to support team on twitter.
Raun Nelson