Bit Locker is not working for Windows XP

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I install BitLocker in my System and I am using Windows7. I use this software for encryption purpose. I apply encryption at my flash drive after few days I uninstall Windows 7 and install window XP in my system now I want insert, update or delete my data but I can’t have its permission tell me why and how can I get this permission.

BitLocker To go Reader

You can only read and copy files from the BitLocker to Go Reader.

To save or change files on your drive, insert it into computer running Windows 7.

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Bit Locker is not working for Windows XP


Hi there,

You need to have the decrypt key for unlocking. But when I go through your question I identified that you don't have the key ? Don't you know you are working with Windows XP may be you can try with bitlocker recovery password viewer tool in the Windows XP to recover your password.

To do it you need to have most updated Windows server 2003 administration tools.

You can obtain it from following link (if you want).

If you are good in Windows environment I can give some extra methods also. But these methods are bit advance.

Drop me a comment if you want to go ahead.

Have a nice day.

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Bit Locker is not working for Windows XP


Your problem with BitLocker To Go Reader is either OS compatibility or it just absorbed the version of Windows where it was created. When you installed BitLocker To Go Reader you are previously using Windows 7.

Then you applied encryption on your USB flash drive. This means that due to the level of security of the applied encryption, it only recognizes the version of the Windows the time when it was encrypted. That’s why when you removed Windows 7 from your computer and replaced it with Windows XP, it now limits the access to the drive and only allows reading and copying from the drive.

You have no choice but to uninstall Windows XP and reinstall Windows 7 to have a full access on your flash drive.

This should fix your problem.

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