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Today I read a news that Bill gates "magical bracelets to monitor kids” attentiveness. Can anyone please tell me, what a magical bracelet is?

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The Magical Bracelets (also known as Mood or Galvanic bracelets) determine how well the skin conducts electricity, which can help evaluate emotions as it differs when people sweat. Sweat glands are controlled by the nervous system therefore skin conductance (also known as galvanic skin response) can be utilized as a sign of emotional response.

The bracelets are being tested to observe if they can pick up when students are uninterested in classes. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have spent approximately $1.1 million for testing the bracelets – almost $500,000 to Clemson University and more than $620,000 to The National Center on Time and Learning. 

Mood or Galvanic bracelets