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Great Linux will become a science ?

Do anyone know about this ?

I read an article where they mentioned big Linux will become big science.

I don't understand the meaning for. 

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Yes, Mr. Roger Garrison Linux will become big science.

Linux started biggest research projects in the world. Linux used in large-scale research. In beginning, there was CERN, and they invented World Wide Web. 
In a few years, CERN is reaping the benefits of its amazing creative energy. They relies some biggest computing jobs on the world to Linux. The middleware runs on Scientific Linux, it’s only been tested on SL. CERN runs both Scientific Linux, SL spin, Scientific Linux CERN, over 50,000 of their own servers and desktops.
Cloud BioLinux has different ways to distribute computing and storage resources for data crunching. Cloud BioLinux is a free community project. High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems at the University of Texas have two of the largest Linux clusters during the planet. 
I hope you will understand, why they announced to become a big science.