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Considering interface and functionality, which one is better? HTC One S or Apple iPhone 4S?

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Following are some comparisons between IPhone 4S & HTC One S:

  1. IPhone lacks that beautiful view of the home screen widgets however on the other hand HTC One S has got HTC Sense installed in it. HTC Sense provides the most beautiful integrated interface to HTC which you are definitely going to love.
  2. When it comes to one hand typing then you cannot type on IPhone with one hand. However on HTC you can easily type with one hand for the reason of its narrow profile. As far as the on-screen keyboards are concerned, both cell phones have well spaced layouts.
  3. HTC browser has got more functionalities than IPhone's browser, and this is really a plus point for the WiFi users. Besides this, the scrolling response of HTC is way better than that of IPhone as in IPhone you cannot scroll down to the end of the page that quickly.
  4. HTC supports up to 42 Mbps HSDPA downloads while the IPhone has got only 21 Mbps radio.
  5. The pictures taken by HTC are slightly sharper and with better contrast than those taken by IPhone
  6. When it comes to having the LED flash on for taking pictures in darkness, the HTC illuminates the picture better from about 6-7 feet compared to that taken by IPhone.
  7. When it comes to battery, the HTC would deliver you probably a day or little more. However,the IPhone has got a slightly better battery compared to HTC. .

HTC is still better than IPhone. You can find a lot of free softwares for your HTC where as in IPhone you will mostly find paid softwares. If you are thinking that IPhone 4S have got Siri then you can get an alternative software for your HTC as well which will perform just similar to Siri too. My own suggestion to you would be to go with HTC.

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Comparisons between IPhone 4S & HTC One S
Apple IPhone 4s specification:
CPU-------------------------Apple A5
CPU Speed---------------1.00 GHz
Wireless Connectivity----3G
                                            Mobile Hotspot Tethering
Screen Size----------------3.5 inch
Operating System-------iOS
Weight----------------------137 grams 
HTC One S specification:
CPU-------------------------Qualcomm MSM8260A, Snapdragon
CPU Speed---------------1.50 GHz
Wireless Connectivity----3G
                                            Mobile Hotspot Tethering
Screen Size---------------4.3  inch
Operating System-------Android
Weight----------------------119 grams 
HTC One S is better than IPhone 4S