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According to Rovio, Angry Birds Space is the fastest growing mobile game yet which has recently reached fifty million downloads in a space of just 35 days. Are the mobile versions of Space available for Android devices?

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Yes that a record for the game industry. Angry Birds Space is a nice game of mobile user. That’s already broken the previous download record for game. There already 50 million downloads complete in only thirty five days. So that’s a world record for game industry.

Angry Birds Space is very similar with other previous version Angry Birds. This game designed as basis of physics. That’s a very nice challenging game.

Yes, Angry Birds Space is available in android devices. Not only for android devices but also available in windows, iOS, Mac operating system etc. Not ends here, Angry Birds Space Company decided to release a Windows mobile version too for this game.

This game launched in last month and successfully hitting the download record.


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Angry birds is infact the best iphone game developed as of now. Its the stats that speak for a game's popularity and show how much a game is loved and downloaded. Angry Birds, from the very first day of its launch has broken nearly every record as it was a straight forward hit for apple's iOS and then it came for android and again rocked the software forums and sites with unlimited downloads and likes. Now with a new version launched, it will be developed  for other platforms too. So, if not yet developed, you can surely look forward for it as it will be launched for android too and soon enough.