Adobe Photoshop error when saving

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How to solve this error?

Every time that I will save my finished photo,"error saving and try again" always occurs.

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Adobe Photoshop error when saving


Hello Herbert Welling,

Firstly uninstall the Photoshop program from your computer. To do this, go to the control panel. Then open the “add or remove program” icon. You will find a list of installed program. Click on the Photoshop program. That will be expanded and change or remove button will appeared at the right side. Click on the remove button.

A message may be appeared to alert you so you have to ensure the computer that you want to uninstall the program and all memories. At the time of uninstalling you may be asked that whether you would like to remove all memories or not.

You have to make conformed the computer by clicking yes.

After removing the program restart the computer. It would be better if you change the software of Photoshop. So install another one and try to continue your work. If the problem is remaining then change your file format.

Try to save other format. Suppose, if you are saving in jpeg format then try to save in png format.

I think your problem will be solved.


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Adobe Photoshop error when saving


If you can open Adobe Photoshop and still work with it then the only problem is the saving part. This kind of error sometimes happen when you open 2 images and then saving the second image using the file name of the first image while the first image is still open in the work area. It’s like overwriting an open file. That’s why it doesn’t work because the file is still open.

To solve this, close the first image first then save the second image again to overwrite the first file. This way the file is already closed. If this scenario is what’s happening to you then simply follow the steps described. But if you are not opening any other file besides the one you are working with then the problem is probably with the software.

There is a way to reset Adobe Photoshop to default but this will only affect the settings and may not solve the problem. Simply re-install Adobe Photoshop to have a fresh copy again and replace those previously corrupted files.

To try it anyway, here’s how you can reset Adobe Photoshop back to default.

Press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT while opening Adobe Photoshop or while it is starting up.

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Adobe Photoshop error when saving


Awesome and instigate contributions guys, as well take my heartfelt gratitude for your helping tips. I am a great lover of Adobe Photoshop but when this problem was signified, I was very impatient what way I will solve this problem. By going through your comments, I understood why this problem was going on and how I would get rid of this situation. You were right Sharath, your comment and suggestion were very effective. I had opened two images then trying to save which was not a proper way, as a result this problem was occurring which I didn’t realize before reading your comment. Now I am not getting any error. Thanks for your solution and Techyv too.

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