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I would like to make a simple website and I want to put a chatroom into it. Is it possible? How?

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Yes the is possible. If your planning to host your own website and you want to put a chat room on it then you can either make your own source code for one or an easier way is just to search the web for chat room generators.
Some of these websites are the following:  - this website will allow you to create your own chat room with the specifications you want to have on it (e. g. color, size , background, etc). - another website where you can generate a very nice chat room. - you can also try this other chat room generator. The good thing is this generator will already give you a preview of the chat room itself while you are customizing it. Lastly, it is very easy to use.
for a video tutorial on how to create a chat room on this website you can visit this link.

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It doesn’t matter if you create your website from scratch or you use a template to build the pages. Using a template to create a website is the easiest way to create a site. But of course, you must know how to add scripts to the template so you can add contents properly without destroying the default scripts of the template.

Adding a chat room to your site doesn’t necessarily mean constructing it from scratch as well meaning doing the coding and designing manually. There are different free chat room services that you can use to add a chat room to your site. You only need to create a room for your site and then add its link to your page so visitors from your site will be directed to the room when they click the link.

One good example is Chatzy free chat room creation. This instant chat room creation site is very ideal for any site because of these features:

  • Registrations are not required for users to join the chat.
  • It is a free service and will not display any pop up ads while the chat room is active.
  • It doesn’t require the users to have an instance of Adobe Flash Player installed on their computers to join the chat.
  • It works on any web browsers and through firewalls and is not limited to certain languages only.

To start adding a chat room to your site, just visit the link above and then fill the form on the page to create your chat room.

Sharath Reddy