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The problem here is why Acer Laptop cannot access WiFi just because of the McAfee Antivirus?

What is the problem of McAfee Antivirus why is that it cannot connect WiFi in school?

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Because of your antivirus that's why you cannot connect to internet, you need to turn off McAfee antivirus.I mean you have to turn off McAfee's firewall so that it will not block your internet connections or WiFi connections.

You should do some adjustment on your McAfee antivirus, one is you need to check your date and settings of your computer so that it will not show that the antivirus is expired or something like that.If you have done all the necessary adjustment then it is still the same or nothing happens, you can always look for a new antivirus that will not blocked your internet connections.

The simple solution is to uninstall McAfee antivirus and replace it with other better antivirus products. For now if you can be able to turned off up the McAfee firewall just turned it off and everything will be access on your computer.But make sure to scan your computer so that you can still guard your computer system for malicious email,spyware and viruses.