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In my VIDEO EDITOR  I am fed up with the following error message that says.

Access violation at address 4200E9B1 in module ‘StreamDecoder.dll’. 

Read of address 00000000.

I uninstalled and re-installed the program several times. But no result came out. 

Do you know how to fix this problem up?

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Hi Gwendolynhunerr!

1. Make sure you select Delete Drive Software for this Device When you uninstall it.

2. Now shut down your computer.

3. Remove your video card.

4. Now again Restart it,

5. Now again Uninstall the video card, You must delete the driver software!

6. Shut down again.

7. Now you have to place the video card back in its place and connect the video out cable to it ( the cable should connect from the video card to the monitor)

8. Turn on the computer.

9. You get a message when you log-in asking you if you want to install the driver software.

10. You can just close the message.

11. It should now work perfectly.