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I'm using fast broadband connection, but I can't use my Internet Explorer. When I try to open a page, there is an error message in Internet Explorer "401 – Authorization Required". I'm using Windows XP (service pack  2). What can I do?

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Check for the firewall status. If enabled try to disable it and check for the site your are trying for and after it is opened then turn on the firewall back. Sometimes firewall programs may block some of the secured websites.

 If still your problem is not solved. Now let me know a few questions.

  1. Is it  a secured website you are trying?
  2. Are you using any secured software?

Solution can also be  by opening the website in safe mode with networking and if it works then troubleshoot at the boot mode itself. You can go for any help from this URL

Also you can take the help of the website support and  Antivirus vendor for the problem of blocking of site access.

Hope it helps.

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Below are the answers for your questions accordingly.

1. I'm trying so many websites like,, etc. but still facing this problem.

2. No