0x8007000D error:When editing mp3 metadata

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Hi Friends,

I have one mp3 file. I want to change its metadata or some properties. but when I do it, I am getting following error message.

Error 0x8007000D: The data is invalid.

Apply Properties File

An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem.         

Error 0x8007000D: The data is invalid.

Test – Copy
Type: MP3 Format Sound
Date modified: 6/16/2011 10:31 AM          
Size: 41.1 MB  

How to resolve this issue? 

Thanks in advanced.

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0x8007000D error:When editing mp3 metadata


Hallo Mat,

You will have to download the Mp3tag that you can get for free from the internet – but you can it can be worth a donation, especially because the Media Player 12 no longer has got an Advanced Tag Editor. 

Once you have done the above, you will do the following:

  • You will go to File, and then look for Add Directory.
  • Next you will need to locate and select the album that is showing the following error code: 0x8007000D. 
  • You will have to choose all the songs.
  • After that you will right click and then you will select Remove Tag.
  • Next you should immediately choose Undo.
  • That should fix the problem.



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0x8007000D error:When editing mp3 metadata


Maybe you are trying to change to a metadata that is not compatible with your OS. Try to upload the music file in www.skydrive.live.com and use your valid Live ID. Or register if you don't have one yet. You can also change the data tagging from ID3 version 2.4 to 2.3.

You can download it here

Do not forget to backup all your music files before amending it.

If you are using iTunes, download one that is compatible with your OS as well.

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