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Author: Lj rivera
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An error occurs saying “Installation Failed” every time I try to install Kaspersky on my computer.

During the installation I see a progress bar on my screen for very small time like for a millisecond, it seems that the installer tries to copy some files on the computer but fails.

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Hi Lj,

It seems you are having trouble with installing Kaspersky antivirus, You didn't specified which version of Kaspersky you are trying to install, i can only help you specifically if you said which version you are trying to install on your Pc.

Usually this error occurs due to failure of its initialization components which protects its installation process. Make sure you have removed any previously installed anti virus or internet security like that. Kaspersky wont run if it does. 

Kaspersky copies its installation files after being extracted to the temp folder.  First locate your temp folder by going to run either by clicking on run or by pressing win key + r for shortcut.

Now type in run this %temp%, now you will see a folder now delete all the files in it, if it fails to delete some files just ignore it. Now restart your PC in case any service needs restart, and then try installing Kaspersky again.

Hope that helps solve the case.