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 I have a 7" wireless book (Chinese) with Windows CE 6.0 rooted. It can not bond to Wi-Fi.  Once I draw it on cmd, it prompt the message “Cannot execute netstart.exe" or some command for that issue. In addition, the message prompts "PPPoE Access Concentrator is not responding". Let me to thank you for your time for helping me to resolve this concern, for I am at my intellects end.

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Hi Jaycel colis

From the message “PPPoE Access Concentrator is not responding" this mean that your 7” wireless book is unable established connection with your router (Wi-Fi). That’s why your 7” wireless book cannot bond to Wi-Fi .From my working experience and research to solve this problem you have to reinstall the router (Wi-Fi) again. Give me the router model then I can tell you installation process or you can contact with your service provider.

For additional, just to let you know the cmd command is netstat.exe instead of netstart.exe.

Thanking you.


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This message “PPPoE Access Concentrator is not responding" indicates that it is not possible to connect the 7” wireless book with the Wi-Fi router. It indicates that the 7” wireless book is not able to combine with the Wi-Fi bond. To solve this problem, you have to reset your 7” wireless book’s settings and you have to reinstall your router.

If the problem isn’t solved, contact customer service of your 7” wireless book because it might be a hardware problem. If it is a hardware problem, you have to change your hardware.

Best of luck.