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When I am trying to add or remove any features with Visual Studio 2008, an error message pops up. ‘The drive which is selected is not valid’.

Please help me to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance.

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This problem may be due to a missing patch which downloading and installing may fix the error. Installing KB979576 will probably solve your issue.

KB979576 can be downloaded from this site.

The issue is probably not really due to a bug in the SP1 patch, yet then again it could be minimized by some of the patches that are applied to SP1 that were released some time later. Some of them are: KB973675, BK972222, and KB971092. All these updates can be found on the Microsoft sites. (as I have given in the like above)

Or else, try re-installing SP1.

Hope that helps!

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Hope you are doing great and thanks for posting your question.

There are 2 solutions which you can try, but both will resolve your query.

First Solution:

Microsoft provides the “hotfix” download which would enable you to add or Remove any features in Visual Studio 2008.

Where to download:

  •  Go to Google.
  •  And type “VS90SP1-KB979576-x86.exe”.
  • Go to the first option that you see and simply download and install this file.

Note: This will only work if you have Visual Studio 2008 installed on your computer.

Second Solution:

It is bit painful, if you would not like to go with above solution.

You will have to uninstall Visual Studio and re-install it again and select all the features that you require.

Have a great day ahead!


Keaton Christopher